Dungeon's End Invitational Season XIII Jan - Mar 2017

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Dungeon's End Invitational Season XIII Jan - Mar 2017

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Season XIII Invitational starts in January 2017

All our our Constructed events will now have a $5 or 2 pack buy in, will be capped at 4 rounds and prized as follows:

1st – 6 packs
2nd – 4 packs
Everyone else will get packs based on the number of rounds they won.
3 wins = 2 packs
0-2 wins = 1 pack
Prizes based on 6+ participants*

*With five or less participants:
players will receive packs based on the number of rounds they won
3 wins = 3 packs
2 wins =2 packs
0-1 win = 1 pack
The Invitational is free

These are the formats for Season XIII
Rounds 1 - 3 : Modern
Rounds 4 - 6 : Standard
Cut to top 8 Draft. Top 8 will be bracketed and seeded. These rounds will be single elimination.

Prizes for the Invitational are in packs of the current set and will be as follows:

1st place = 24 packs + an invite to the next season's Invitational
2nd place = 12 packs
3rd place = 6 packs
4th place = 6 packs

Invitees will be determined as follows:
The winner of the previous Invitational will get an automatic invite.
The winners of 12 invitational qualifiers (listed below) will receive invites
7 “Wild Card” spots. The 7 players with the highest point total during the season will get automatic entries. Players will receive points toward Wild Card spots at the following events: Any Invitational Qualifying tournament during the current season, or any Standard, Modern or Draft event on Friday or Saturday.

All alternates will be drawn from this same point list.

Points earned are determined by your record. Rounds won = 3 points, ties = 1 point, Losses = 0 points. For example, in a four round tournament if you win twice, lose once and tie once you would get you 7 points toward one of the wild card spots.

Season XIII Dungeon's End Invitational will take place on Sunday April 16th at Noon

Season XIII Invitational tournaments are as follows:

1) Season XII Invitational Winner ---- John Fehl Jr.
2) Saturday Jan 7th Standard -------- Sean Hobbs
3) Friday Jan 13th Modern ----------- Chris Blommel
4) Friday Jan 27rd Modern ----------- Al Pearson
5) Saturday Jan 28th Standard ------- Christophe Campanini-pape
6) Saturday Feb 4th Standard --------- Brandon Zimmer
7) Friday Feb 10th Modern ------------ Hunter Harris
8) Saturday Feb 18th Standard -------Brad Amberg
9) Friday Feb 24th Modern ----------- Ian Naeyaert
10) Friday Mar 10th Modern -------- Zac Roorda
11) Saturday Mar 11th Standard ---- Scott Johnson
12) Friday Mar 24th Modern---------- Desmond Benavides
13) Saturday March 25th Standard - Adam Johnson

Wild Card spots:

1) Sherrie Priem
2) Robert Lieby
3) Eric Ehlenbach
4) Ryan Mullen
5) Taylor Kaiser
6) Logan Ferguson
7) Derek Klein

Winners will be required to RSVP between April 3rd and April 10th to reserve their spot for the Sunday April 16th Tournament. Players who do not reserve during this time may lose their spot to alternates. Players can RSVP by phone 218-624-4121, email dungeonsend@gmail.com or on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/dungeonsendgames/

Dungeon's End 13th Invitational is Sunday April 16th. Winner of the invitational will get an automatic invite to the May – July 2017 Season XIV Invitational
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Re: Dungeon's End Invitational Season XIII Jan - Mar 2017

Post by dungeonsend » Fri Jan 26, 2018 6:05 pm

Current Point Standings

Sherrie Priem----------------- 89
Robert Lieby------------------65
Eric Ehlenbach--------------- 54
Ryan Mullen------------------51
Taylor Kaiser------------------49
Logan Ferguson---------------42
Derek Klein-----------------37
Jesse Hancock---------------36
Corey Meisner---------------31
Russ Milroy-------------------31
Scott Reiser--------------------30
Bryce Henry----------------29
Robert Burton---------------27
Ben Thoele-------------------27
Noah Beyer-------------------26
Jason Kuennen--------------24
John Nelson-----------------24
Mike Hruza ----------------- 21
Kale Stratton--------------- 19
Forrest Hyppa--------------- 15
Christian Kazimer------------15
Ryan Naeyaert -------------- 15
Carson Passer ---------------- 15
Logan Nelson ---------------- 14
David Lindlbaur ------------ 13
Deamond Benacides------- 12
Andrew Eskola-------------- 12
Toby Hedin ----------------- 12
Cody Lerol ----------------- 12
Taylor Wilson---------------12
Brandon Anderson -------- 10
Joshua Anderson----------- 9
Miranda Elkins -------------- 9
Josh Muhich ---------------- 9
Riley Parantala-------------- 9
Ethan Sampson ------------ 9
Daniel Steinbruckner ----- 9
Tianji Qi-------------------- 9
Marcus Bustamante----------7
Cass Henriques---------------7
Ronnie Alger----------------- 6
Dariel Becker --------------- 6
James Coffin ---------------- 6
Justin Hines-------------------6
Brittany Hecker-------------6
Nicholas Hinchilff-----------6
Noah Holden-----------------6
John Kromm------------------6
J.j Lehtinen-----------------6
Phillip Solem----------------6
Cody Talsma-----------------6
Anderson Wingert----------6
Noah Wilson----------------3
Lee Bos----------------------3
David Croenne-------------3
Dyllon Dalquist------------3
Jermey Deedrick----------3
Dennis Tenjes-------------3
Luke Guttormson--------3
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