Bag Tag League Rules

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Bag Tag League Rules

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Win a bag tag to receive instant discounts on singles and play for top place in our Spring Tag League. 1st-3rd tag receive 10%-6% off on Games Workshop product while they hold the tag!
There will be a $5 entry fee for the event that will cover the cost of your tag.

The Rules -

What are bag tags? They are small Warhammer 40K themed key tags that you attach to your bag and they are numbered 1-50.

Tags are a fun way to add a little competition for those that want to participate.

When you play in any Warhammer 40K game at Dungeon's End, players put their tag in the middle of the table at the beginning. The winner of the game will take the smallest numbered tag.

Tags 1-3 have a % off Warhammer 40K models at Dungeon's End. As long as you have one of those tags you get the discount printed on the back.

Players not participating in the Kick Off event my buy in to the league at any time, up to 2 weeks before the season ends. Tags are $5 which helps us cover the fee for the tag and the design cost. The tags are good for the whole season. (Tags should be returned upon completion of the league to be reused for the following season.

Challenges can be made by phone, e-mail, the Dungeon's End Miniatures Community Facebook group, the Bag Tag Challenge section of the Dungeon's End forums, or in person.

If I have tag #1 can't I just keep it? In the spirit of the tags we would need you to put your tag on the line. YOU CAN BE CHALLENGED FOR YOUR TAG! You cannot just sit out of playing because you have a tag with a discount. There will be extenuating circumstances such as being about to leave or prepping for an event where you cannot be challenged but do not abuse this. Tags can be invalidated and reissued if too many challenges are refused or if players are not available on a regular basis (This will be determined on a case by case basis).

You don't have to play back-to-back challenge rounds against the exact same opponents. A player can't challenge you, lose to you, and immediately challenge you again for another round. However, if ALL parties agree, consecutive round challenges are allowed. Challenges MUST be verbally agreed upon at the beginning of EACH round.

Players do not need to participate in another challenge for up to 24 hours upon completion of a match.

Discounts are not valid on reserved items or items on a tab. You cannot hold items, then challenge someone for their tag with the intent of using it if you win.
Incomplete round: If a player does not complete a bag tag challenge round, the exiting player should trade tags with the player with the largest tag number. If play is stopped by all players before the round is complete, no tags are exchanged. This could be due to hazardous weather, physical emergency or mutual agreement.

Tags are mostly community run but if someone is holding onto a tag we would contact them to see when they are available to play next.

1. Players holding tags must update the store with the results of each challenge.  It is preferred to post on the bag tag challenge post on Dungeon's End Miniature Community Facebook group or the Dungeon's End forum. (
2. The winner of the challenge is responsible for reporting the results of the challenge.
3. Players wishing to get information as to who holds each tag may check on our fourm or Facebook group.
1. Contact Mason or Alta with questions/concerns or to report a lost tag; 218.624.4121 or
2. Dungeon's End reserves the right to modify these terms if necessary. We will modify them only in extreme circumstances.
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